Art ∨ Code :

World's First Digital Artist Auction - selling digital artist Facebook profiles ( "Going Dark" at LEAP Berlin )

Selfie Mirror #goingdark - a selfie mirror from Instagram pics ( "Going Dark" at LEAP Berlin )

Smooch Booth - it takes two to complete a circuit ( "Larger than Life" at Bonniers Konsthall )

Data - what will you do with your data when you die? ( "Larger than Life" at Bonniers Konsthall )

Pantheon app - backdoor access that's symmetrical and egalitarian ( "God Mode" at 319 Scholes )

DroneML - labanotation / markup for drone flying ("Lethal Software" at GAFFTA )

Political Karaoke - in the society of spectacle, embody politcal speeches ( "Art for Suffrage" at Harvard Innovation Lab )

Tron Space Internet Cowboy - gaff tape overload (Art Hack Day at 319 Scholes)

Skippable Rope - virtual jump rope for iPhone ( Art Hack Day NYC )

Vegetabot - remote presence wearable ( SXSW'11 )

DIY museum catalog - leave blank spaces, give visitors a polaroid ( "Les jeudi's" at the Centre Pompidou )

Restroom Guerilla art - intervening against staged spontaneity ( "Les jeudi's" at the Centre Pompidou )

Mediaexpo #1 - transforming public buildings - urban marketing camouflage

Mediaexpo #2 - distorting Solidarnosc

Awesome + + - share how «awesome» things are

Meme Delux - ultra basic meme creator for iPhone

Food :

Edible volcano + ashcloud - revenge of Eyafjallajökull

Edible garden - worms and fake potatoes

Edible outhouse - Sweden in memoriam

Edible mummy - life size with pyramids

Deconstructed salad (bread and cheese) & salad for dessert

Text ( for the Centre Pompidou ) :

Les Passants - for the exhibit "Les Jeudi's - apparition / disparition"

Text ( for Svenska Dagbladet ) :

Sousveillance vs. the art of forgetting - two different approaches to protecting oneself against surveillance

Why predicting the future is a vain exercise - on Nassim Taleb's wonderfully entertaining books The Black Swan and Fooled by Randomness

What Nietzsche and Finkielkraut have to say about the use and abuse of History - and what it means for contemporary anti-Semitism

About Jewish identity in the Diaspora - whether defining one's identity is desirable

Defunct : - Weekly digest of your friend's top FBK likes ( TC Disrupt NYC ) - Make muzak your 4sq checkins love ( Music Hack Day )

Tw1tleaks - Opinions you won't find on Twitter aka anonymous tweeting

Krax - Twitterbot for Sweden Social Web Camp - Twitter group direct messaging ( Chirp hackathon ) - Vacation home swapping w. friends of friends pre Airbnb

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